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Admission and Application Materials


Keio Law School limits admissions to a total of 10 students per semester. Preference is given to applicants from schools that have an existing exchange relationship with Keio Law School ("Law School Partners"). Second priority is given to students from schools that have a partner relationship at the university level but not a specific relationship between the respective law schools ("University Partners"). Students from schools that have no formal relationship at the university or the law school level may be accepted on a space available basis.

Exchange students are admitted for both the Spring and the Fall semesters. It is possible to spend up to two semesters at Keio Law School.

The admission deadlines are as follows:
Spring Semester 2018 Thursday, November 30, 2017, 17:00 JST
 * For students applying from Law School Partners and from non-Partner Institutions only.
Fall Semester 2017 Friday, March 31, 2017, 17:00 JST
 * For students applying from Law School Partners and from non-Partner Institutions only.

For students applying from University Partners

Please check the list of Partner Institutions ( University Partners ) and visit

For students applying from Law School Partners

For students coming from a Law School Partners, the application process is as follows: Please check the list of Partner Institutions (Law School Partners PDF).

1. Consult with appropriate administrative people (usually the designated administrator under the exchange agreement) at your home institution and confirm that you are eligible to spend a semester or an academic year studying abroad.

2. If your home institution accepts your application to study abroad, the administrator should send an email nominating you as an exchange student under the relevant exchange agreement with Keio Law School. The email should be sent to the International Exchange Committee at .

3. Separate from the email from your home institution's exchange administrator, you should send the following items by email attachment to the International Exchange Committee at . Please do not send us a hard copy version (paper version) of your application before we ask you to. We will ask you to send the hard copies of the applcations after we check your applications sent via e-mail.

(A) Application Formwordwith three passport size photos Glue one to the Application form. 3cmx4cm ID photo, no background, no copy of a colored photo. Clip another photo to your Application Form.
(B) StudyProposalword
(C) Self-evaluation of Japanese Language ProficiencyPDF
(D) If you are planning on taking law courses in Japanese, a certification by a fluent Japanese speaker (preferably someone who has taught you Japanese) stating that your Japanese language ability (reading, writing, speaking, and comprehension) is adequate for studying at the professional school level
(E) Transcript
(F) Certificate of HealthPDF
(G) Copy of the pages of your passport showing your personal information
(H) Recent bank statement showing sufficient funds to support yourself while in residence at Keio Law School
(I) Statement of your intended dates of arrival and departure from Japan
(J) Application for Certificate of Eligibility.xlsexcel (SAMPLEPDF) Type in the application form EXCEL format. This form is required by Japanese Immigration Bureau and MUST be completed exactly as instructed. Refer to "SAMPLE"before you fill out the form.

Note: Items (G) through (J) are required by the Japanese Government in order to obtain a visa.

Once you have been accepted by Keio Law School and confirmed that you intend to come as an exchange student, you will be asked to send hard copies to the International Exchange Committee by registered mail so that the Law School can start the visa application procedures.

Please note that the process of obtaining a visa takes between two to three months. The Law School will not be responsible under any circumstances for the failure of the visa to issue or for delays in issuance. It is highly recommended that you consult with the Japanese Embassy or consulate in your home country as to the required documents so that you can begin collecting the necessary paperwork. Please complete all documents accurately and fully. Visa inspection is strict and delays will occur if your forms are not done correctly.

For students applying from non-Partner Institutions

Please write directly to the International Exchange Committee at The application procedures are the same as indicated above in "For students applying from Law School Partners."


All applicants will be notified by email, with a copy to their home institution, whether they have been admitted as exchange students as promptly as possible following the application deadline.

Because the visa application procedures can be time-consuming, applicants are kindly requested to inform the International Exchange Committee if your plans change and you no longer intend to study at Keio Law School. Likewise, the International Exchange Committee may need to communicate with you on an urgent basis during the visa application process so it is advisable to make sure the Law School has a current phone, mail and email address for you at all times.

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