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Living in Japan


Tokyo can be an expensive place to live, especially at times when the Yen is strong against other currencies. The prolonged period of deflation, however, has meant that prices have generally dropped to levels equal to or less than those in other major cities of the world. Like most big cities, there are many things to see and do that are free or relatively inexpensive. Food, in particular, can be quite reasonable when compared to the cost of eating out in many other major cities.


It is sometimes possible to secure a room in one of the Keio University dorms, but the Law School does not have its own dedicated housing. Also, you may not be able to secure a room in a university dormitory since the number of rooms is limited. Especially, a fairly large number of applicants wish to move into the dormitory from the fall semester.

There is ample short-term and shared housing available in Tokyo at reasonable prices. Rooms are small but for the most part will be clean and safe. All KLS classes are offered on the Mita campus and most international students in the past prefer finding lodging within easy commuting distance. Mita is located in central Tokyo, so prices may be lower if you choose to live further away from campus.

Housing for International Students

Academic Calendar

The Japanese academic year consists of two semesters. The first semester (Spring) begins in early April and finishes towards the end of July. The second semester (Fall) begins in late September and ends in early February, with a winter break running from late December through early January. The academic year-end holiday starts with the conclusion of final exams in February and runs through March until the beginning of the new academic year in early April.

Career Path of Alumni of LL.M. in Global Legal Practice / 法務研究科グローバル法務専攻 卒業後進路状況

※Based on students who graduated during academic year 2018 / 2018年度中に卒業した学生対象

業種 (Industry Type):人数 (Number of alumni)


法務 (Law):5

サービス業 (Service industry):1

学術・開発研究機関(Academic and development research institutions):1

石油・石炭品製造業/化学工業 (Oil and coal products manufacturing industry/Chemical industry):1

その他・不明 (Others and unknown):15

Institution Gallery

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