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Exchange students are required to obtain an appropriate visa from the Government of Japan prior to entering Japan. You will be required to produce a copy of your passport showing the visa at the time of registration.

After receiving the Certificate of Eligibility from Keio Law School, exchange students must apply for the student visa at a Japanese Embassy or consulate in their home country. Please note that exchange students cannot enter Japan to be a student at Keio without the student visa. You will not be able to obtain a student visa within Japan, so you must issue a student VISA before you enter Japan. If you enter Japan without a student visa, there is a high possibility that you would need to return to your home country and obtain the student visa, and then re-enter Japan to be an exchange student at Keio. Keio will not be responsible if you do not make it before classes start or miss any events in such case.

Keio Law School will provide each accepted student with the necessary forms to apply for a visa to study in Japan. As indicated above, the process typically takes between two to three months. Students are strongly advised to contact the local embassy or nearest consulate in their home country to determine what documents they will be required to produce.

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