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Studying at Keio Law School


The vast majority of the curriculum at the Law School is offered in Japanese and will only be available to exchange students with demonstrated language proficiency capable of allowing them to read materials in Japanese and to participate actively in class.

Each semester, the Law School offers a relatively large number of law classes taught in English by regular and adjunct faculty members. Japanese students interested in studying law in English are permitted to register for these classes. This gives exchange students an opportunity to study together with Japanese law students. Keio Law School endeavors to integrate fully exchange students into the classroom and the Law School community. It should be noted, however, that most law courses taught in English are likely to have relatively small enrollments depending on the number of Japanese students registered.


Most classes at the Law School are two credit courses, meeting once a week for 90 minutes over 15 class periods followed by a final examination. There are a limited number of one credit courses, meeting once a week for eight weeks.

As for Spring Semester, 1credit courses, 12times courses, and courses offered twice a week are planned to finish by late June. As for Fall Semester, 1credit courses, 12times courses, and courses offered twice a week are planned to finish by mid December.

Exchange students are responsible for verifying with their home institutions the total number of credits required for a semester abroad and the transferability of credits taken at the Law School.

Independent Study

Students are strongly urged to explore the possibility of doing an independent study project for credit at their home institutions. This will assist exchange students to obtain the total number of credits for a full semester required by their respective home institutions. It will also give exchange students an opportunity to work closely with professors at the Law School who can guide research on a daily basis, while the exchange students prepare research papers meeting the academic standards of their home institutions.

It may be possible to arrange credit for a research paper at Keio Law School. Please consult with the International Exchange Committee if you are interested in doing so.

Law Classes in English

The Law School offers a number of courses in English that are aimed at Japanese law students desiring to enter international practice. These courses are all suitable for international exchange students. The courses are comparative in nature and oriented towards developing the knowledge and skills required to be an effective international lawyer.

Following are the courses on offer in the upcoming academic year:

Keio Law School Course offered in English

Syllabus & Timetable

Law Courses in Japanese

As indicated earlier, exchange students may be permitted, on a case-by-case basis, to take one or more law courses in Japanese. Please note that students with only intermediate Japanese ability will not be authorized to take these courses. Finally, students will not be permitted to take courses listed as required courses absent exceptional circumstances and should only choose courses from the list of elective courses.

Japanese Language Studies

The Center for Japanese Studies of Keio University operates a highly acclaimed Japanese language program. The Center is part of the university but is not part of the Law School.

International exchange students coming from partner schools are permitted to take up to 4 Subjects in Japanese language courses.

Students interested in taking Japanese language courses at Keio University must take a separate placement examination given on specified dates twice a year. These dates are firm and no make-up tests will be given. Students missing the scheduled placement test will not be permitted to enroll in Japanese language courses.

For more information about the Center for Japanese Studies please see

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