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2017.05.08 【4/17 Event Report / 開催報告】Welcome Party for International Students(留学生を囲む会)
2017.05.01 【Event Report / 開催報告】4/22 LL.M. Information Session/LL.M.説明会
2017.04.25 [開催報告]4/20 世界におけるEUと日EU関係-ローマ条約60周年記念講演
2017.04.13 New dual-degree LL.M. program improves global mobility and literacy for lawyers
2017.03.31 *4/17* RECEPTION for Keio University Law School LL.M. Students & Exchange Students
2017.02.17 【2017/04/22】LL.M.説明会のご案内/LL.M. Program Information Session
2017.01.27 【3/4開催】日本およびメコン地域5カ国の比較法学教育に関するシンポジウム Symposium on the Comparative Legal Education in Japan and Mekong region countries
2016.12.12 【2017.1.14開催】Memorial Symposium for the Establishment of LL.M. in Global Legal Practice グローバル法務専攻開設記念シンポジウム
2016.12.07 【2016年12月開催】LL.M.説明会のご案内/LL.M. Program Information Session
2016.11.25 Important Notice from Keio Law School Regarding Changes to Applicant Eligibility Requirements for Application Period II for the Master of Laws Program in Global Legal Practice
2016.11.01 【11/8開催】ユーグ・フルシロン教授(フランス・リヨン第3大学元学長)による講演会のご案内
2016.10.19 【Event Report / 開催報告】Welcome & Home Coming Party for International Students(留学生を囲む会)
2016.10.18 【開催報告】早慶中・三校連携公開特別講座
2016.10.04 【Event Report / 開催報告】10/1 LL.M. Information Session/LL.M.説明会
2016.09.26 【開催報告】9/23『合格者を囲む会』が開催されました
2016.09.20 [Seminar Report]9/13,14 CHICAGO-KEIO LAW SEMINAR 2016
2016.09.16 Admission information for LL.M. /グローバル法務専攻(LL.M.)の入試情報
2016.09.06 [Officially Approved/設置認可] Master of Laws (LL.M.) program in Global Legal Practice
2016.09.06 【9/13,14】CHICAGO-KEIO LAW SEMINAR 2016
2016.09.02 *10/17* RECEPTION & HOMECOMING DAY for Keio Law School Exchange Students
2016.08.31 【2016/10/1】LL.M.説明会のご案内/LL.M. Program Information Session
2016.07.27 *April 2017* Launch of the Keio University Law School LL.M. in Global Legal Practice (this program is currently in the application process for approval by MEXT)
2016.07.08 【7/11】Memorial Service for Professor Gerald Paul McAlinn/「ジェラルド・P・マクリン先生を偲ぶ会」について
2016.05.26 【追悼】ジェラルド・P・マクリン先生/In Memoriam Professor Gerald P. McAlinn
2016.05.10 [seminar report/開催報告]Keio International Dispute Resolution Series-Symposium
2016.04.01 Keio International Dispute Resolution Series-Symposium