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Venu: North Building Lecture Hall(北館ホール)

Keio University Law School

DAY 1 -- Monday 11 November 2019

8.30 to 9.00


9.00 to 9.30

Opening Speech:

Laurent Aynès (Emeritus Professor at University Panthéon Sorbonne (Paris I); Partner at Darrois Villey Maillot Brochier Law Firm, Paris; Arbitrator, France): Arbitration Today : the Awe and the Adverse

Morning Sessions, moderated by Anselmo Reyes (International Judge, Singapore International Commercial Court (SICC), Singapore)

9.30 to 11.00

1. Autonomy of Arbitration: An Autonomous Transnational Legal Order? (Annulment of arbitral awards, interference of judiciary in the arbitral process, etc.)

(1) Professor Daniel Cohen (University of Paris II (Panthéon-Assas), France): Autonomy of International Arbitration: An Overview"

(2) Professor Yokomizo Dai (University of Nagoya, Japan): Arbitration and the States: Japanese Perspective

(3) Professor Chin Leng Lim (Chinese University of Hong Kong): Signs of a New Transnational Legal Order

11.00 to11.15


11.15 to 12.45

2. Corruption as an Issue in Arbitration and Litigation

(1) Professor Naoki Kanayama (Keio Unviersity, Japan): Corruption: Judge's Control of Arbitral Awards through International Public Policy

(2) Dr. Aloysius Llamzon (Washington DC): Corruption in Investment Treaty Arbitration

(3) Mr. Jason Karas (Lipman Karas, Hong Kong): The International Pursuit of Ill-Gotten Gains: Litigation and Arbitration to Recover the Fruits of Corruption

12.45 to 14.00

(Group Photo of the Speakers)


Afternoon Sessions moderated by Yoshimasa Furuta (Partner, Anderson Mori & Tomotsune, Japan)

14.00 to 15.30

3. Impartiality and Its Perception

(Reality vs. ideal, duty to investigate possible conflicts of interest, etc)

(1) Mr. Emmanuel Chua (Chevron): Impartiality and the Choice of Arbitrators by Parties: A Practitioner's Perspective

(2) Mr. Yutaro Kawabata (Partner, Nishimura & Asahi, Japan): Disclosure on

Impartiality and Independence - What to Expect?

(3) Mr. Richard Khaw SC (Hong Kong): Recent Common Law Cases on Conflicts of Interest in Arbitration

15.30 to 16.00

Tea Break

16.00 to 17.30

4. Dealing with Multilingualism in ADR and Litigation: Proposals for a protocol for multilingual international mediation

(1) Dr. Eva Ng (Hong Kong): The Problems of Courtroom Interpretation.

(2) Mr. Hughes Tang, Barrister and Mediator (Hong Kong): Practical Reflections on the Conduct of Multilingual Mediation

(3) Mr. Anselmo Reyes (International Judge, Singapore International Commercial Court (SICC), Singapore): A Draft Protocol for Multi-Lingual Mediation

DAY 2 -- Tuesday 12 November 2019

Morning Sessions moderated by Yoshihiro Takatori (Heading Partner of Global Japan Practice, Orrick)

9.30 to 11.00

5. Third Party Funding of Arbitrations

(1) Professor Maximin de Fontmichel (University of Western Brittany, France) : Third Party Funding in International Arbitration

(2) Mr. Aoi Inoue (Partner, Anderson Mori & Tomotsune, Japan): Third Party Funding in International Arbitration -the perspective from Japanese law

(3) Mr. Medivh Hu (PRC, Managing Director, Legal Capital Research Institute, Shenzhen): Third-Party Funding from the Viewpoint of a Funder

11.00 to 11.15


11.15 to 13.00

6. Due Process and Due Process Paranoia

(1) Professor Koji Takahashi (Doshisha University, Japan): Public Policy Scrutiny of Arbitral Procedure as a Breeding Ground for Due Process Paranoia

(2) Mr. Val Chow (Barrister and Arbitrator, Hong Kong): A Practitioner's Perspective on Due Process Paranoia

(3) Professor Shi Jianping (PRC, School of International Law, Shanghai University of Political Science and Law): Proof of Foreign Law and Due Process: a PRC Perspective

13.00 to 14.00


Afternoon Sessions, moderated by Naoki Kanayama (Keio Unviersity, Japan)

14.00 to 15.45

7. Panorama of Arbitration Centres of the World

(1) Professor Christophe Seraglini (University Paris Sud/Paris Saclay., France): The Search for Time and Cost Efficiency in the ICC Rules

(2) Professor Yoshihisa Hayakawa (Rikkyo University; Secretary General of Japan International Dispute Resolution Center, Japan): A Challenge of Japan -Japan International Dispute Resolution Center

(3) Mr. Joe Liu (Hong Kong, Deputy Secretary-General, HKIAC): Latest Initiatives of the HKIAC

(4) Mr. Bun Youdy (President of the National Commercial Arbitration Center of Cambodia, NCAC): The Development of the NCAC into a Regional Arbitration Center.

15.45 to 16.00

Tea Break

16.00 to 17.30

8. Processual Models

(Common law v. civil law models, contrasts and rationality, efficiency, etc.)

(1) Mr. Jacob Grierson (Partner, Asafo & Co., France): Has international arbitration adopted the best of the common law and civil law worlds, or has it turned a horse into a camel?

(2) Ms. Yoko Maeda (Partner, City-Yuwa Partners, Japan): Document disclosure and Witness examination: Japanese style

(3) Professor Fan Ming Chao (PRC, ICC Asia): The Role of the ICC in Developing a Transnational Commercial Legal Order

17.30 to 17.35

Closing Speech: Professor Naoki Kanayama

共催: JIDRC (Japan International Dispute Resolution Center)


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