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ICLA Tokyo Conference 2019


 Date:28 May 2019 (Tue) - 28 May 2019 (Wed)

■会場:慶應義塾大学三田キャンパス 北館
 Venue: Conference Hall of North Building, Keio University
  地図・アクセス Map and access (

■参加費: 5,000円(2日間分、資料・昼食・レセプション代込)。大学を問わず、学生は無料です(但し、昼食・レセプションは含まれません)。当日は学生証をお持ちください。
Charge: 5,000 yen (for 2 days, including materials, lunch and reception tickets) * Any University Students may attend for free of charge (but without lunch and reception). Please keep your student ID card with you.

■学生申込:学生の方はこちらよりお申込ください。学生以外の方の申し込み方法は詳細資料をご確認ください。 * If you are a student please register from here. if you are not a student, please refer to the detailed information below for registration instructions.


 For more information, please see ICLA Program(English)

★★★★Invitation Students' Dinner★★★★


Utilizing the opportunity of ICLA Conference sponsored by Keio University Law School, a German law office representitive will hold a "dinner party" for Keio LS students and have a presentation on "International Construction Law".

日時/Time  2019年5月28日(火)午後6時30分〜/ from PM6:30 on May 28th, 2019
場所/Place 山食(貸し切り) Yamashoku cafeteria

We can only accomodate 45 people, so we will close the application as soon as we reache the cap. If you wish to attend please click here

担当・金山直樹/Naoki Kanayama

【LL.M.】Application P...main【5/22,5/25,7/17 Open...