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Heiyui Wong
Home country: Hong Kong
*Ms. Wong graduated the LLM in Global Legal Practice and received a Certificate in Business Law in March 2022.

How did you find out about the LLM program, and what attracted you to pursue it?

It was my second year working at Keio University as a researcher when I planned to further develop my knowledge and career in the areas of human rights, corporate social responsibility, and technology-related policies. I found that the LLM program might be the place where I could develop such legal skills with a wide variety of subjects ranging from theoretical legal frameworks to practical training. I was hesitant to enroll in the program as I was a Social Sciences graduate and did not have any legal training background. However, after consulting with several professors, they were very encouraging, and I decided to take up this challenge. The area that interested me the most is that most of the courses, regardless of their legal areas, demonstrate a strong focus on the legal impacts from an international perspective and the influences of globalization. This experience broadened my horizons and enabled me to think more critically.


Please tell us about your most memorable class, along with the reason why.

It is not easy to pick just one - all the classes I took were very inspiring and fruitful. If I have to share the most remarkable course, it was the "Law, Culture and Development in Asia" instructed by Professor Matsuo. This course looked into different Asian countries and territories and discussed their legal reform history and the latest developments. All my classmates were from various Asian countries. Not only because of Professor Matsuo's rich knowledge of the legal history of each region, but the diverse background of classmates drove fascinating and active discussions in class. Professor Matsuo invited us to give a presentation to share how we see and feel about the development of our hometown. It was a very encouraging experience to give the presentation as it helped me understand my hometown much more. At the same time, it was more precious to listen to the sharings of other classmates to understand the local situation and challenges in their eyes. It was more touching as most of us could not meet in person because of the pandemic - it was a remarkable experience to know about each other more, where they grew up and live.


What do you enjoy about life at Keio?

Because of the COVID-19 situation, there was limited campus life while most of the classes were held online or in a hybrid format. Still, whenever we could meet in person for classes or other matters, professors and KLS staff were very helpful and delightful. All the classes went smoothly regardless of the challenges imposed by the pandemic. It was also the best memory to meet with classmates in person and have gatherings together! Though some of them have moved back to their countries, I hope to see them again after all the travel bans are removed.


What are your plans after you finish your studies at Keio? What do you think you will take with you from this experience?

I will continue my career in promoting international academic collaborations and at the same time carry on with my research related to international laws and cyber-related issues. I hope to make good use of my knowledge to make the world better for us all.


Any advice for prospective LLM students? How would you recommend the Keio LLM program to the students?

It was a significant milestone for me to complete the LLM program. I would recommend the program to any students interested in pursuing their studies to understand more about the legal structure of this globalized society. The various subjects allows students to tailormade their own study plan according to their interests and expertise in a flexible but practical way. Professors are so passionate and eager to establish strong connections with students across different backgrounds and levels. Even I did not have any prior legal training, such academic freedom and the encouraging environment are so valuable and empowering that I enjoyed very much here at Keio University.


(This interview is from February 2022.)

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