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Hande Yucel
Home country:Turkey
* Ms. Yucel graduated the LLM in Global Legal Practice and received a Certificate in International Dispute Resolution in September 2021.

How did you find out about the LLM program, and what attracted you to pursue it?

I wanted to have the experience of living in Japan while broadening my vision.


Please tell us about your most memorable class, along with the reason why.

The class is the International Investment Arbitration class taught by Professor James Claxton. During the class, he would ask us our opinions about the topics of the week, and we would discuss them together. He would also make sure we had a basic framework about the topics before he explained the details. I think his class made me even more interested in arbitration.



What do you enjoy about life at Keio?

There are several things I enjoyed at Keio. First, I really respect my teachers, and I am glad I could learn about different aspects of law from them. The classes were fun and informative, and the teachers were very helpful. Second, I like to spend time chatting with my classmates even though I couldn't meet with most of them during my first year in Keio due to the pandemic. Even though we are from different countries, we always find something common to talk about. It was also very interesting to learn about the cultures of different countries. I'm from Turkey, and as it is in the middle of Europe and Middle East, I am familiar with different cultures. Nevertheless, I was surprised by how different South Asian countries are. Third, I had a great time in the international student dorm of Keio. I lived in Shimoda student dormitory and made a lot of great friends there. It was my first time in a dorm, so I'm very happy to be able to live there and experience the atmosphere. I'm sure I'll stay in touch with my dorm mates from now on too.


What are your plans after you finish your studies at Keio? What do you think you will take with you from this experience?

I will go back to Turkey to complete my internship as a legal intern and get registered in the bar. I don't know if I'll be able to come back after one year, but I want to work in Japan as a foreign attorney after I have more experience as a lawyer. I learned various things during my studies, both legally and socially. I think the most important part of it was to be able interact with my teachers who are successful practitioners of law.


Any advice for prospective LLM students? How would you recommend the Keio LLM program to the students?

I would definitely recommend the Keio LLM to other students. I had a great time and had a valuable experience. My advice would be to move into one of the dorms of Keio and experience the life there. Also, communicate with the classmates and dorm mates as much as possible. Finally, do not be shy and hesitate to talk to teachers about the topics you are interested in and ask the things you cannot understand. They are always willing to help us have a better understanding. When I got out of my comfort zone and did the things I just mentioned, I became much more confident with time.


(This interview is from August 2021.)

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