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Eiko Kondo
Home country: Japan
* Ms. Kondo graduated the LLM in Global Legal Practice and received a Certificate in Intellectual Property Law in September 2021.

How did you find out about the LLM program, and what attracted you to pursue it?

I have experienced the business side of intellectual property for a long time. Before entering the Keio LL.M. program, I had a chance to attend Prof. Takenaka's outside seminar. It impressed me for its academic strength and closeness to global business. I believed that if I learned more about IP and related laws in the Keio LL.M program, I could turn the dots of my experience into a solid line, so to speak. Also, my company wanted its employees to improve their global skills. This program provides a wide scope of business-related courses in English. Furthermore, since the program offers a system for part-time students, I can manage my schedule between classes and my job. Therefore, I decided to apply for this program.


Please tell us about your most memorable class, along with the reason why.

All classes were memorable classes. One of them, the Global Intellectual Management class (2020 spring term), took up the issue of COVID-19 and how we should deal with global problems. In this class, the professor invited guest speakers and I had discussions with students from other universities. Since the issue of COVID-19 is going on now, the professor's quickness in recognizing problems and her ability to analyze and act on them was admirable. I learned quick action relating to IP was essential to respond to changes in the environment from time to time. Also, although Law of Internet class (2021 spring term) focused on a different theme, it also followed the larger environment, so I could learn while feeling the presence of the business scene I was involved in. I took several IP classes, which allowed me to improve my knowledge of different aspects of IP. IP classes and other classes related to each other, so I expanded my knowledge through mutual understanding of different subjects. In the Mediation class, which I had not been familiar with, I appreciated the enthusiasm of the professors and students and they helped me get through the class. This class was unique and more practical for disputes and business scenes. I expect that the Mediation system will be a good solution for IP disputes. It has had a positive impact on my work already. I appreciate all the professors.


What do you enjoy about life at Keio?

Taking classes was most enjoyable for me because I could meet everyone through the online format, including students who had not been able to come to Japan. Due to COVID-19, it wasn't easy to meet professors and students physically in most classes. However, in a few classes, when we could meet professors and students in person, they were precious and enjoyable times, sometimes we had lunch together at the cafeteria. During the COVID-19 situation, students could communicate through SNS.


What are your plans after you finish your studies at Keio? What do you think you will take with you from this experience?

I will continue my present job and expand my work area and quality using the knowledge I obtained from the program.


Any advice for prospective LLM students? How would you recommend the Keio LLM program to the students?

Even if you are considering studying areas of law that are unfamiliar, I recommend you try to take this program if you are interested in those areas. The program provides you with chances and dreams. If you are working, schedule management will be complicated, but you will be able to open new doors.


(This interview is from August 2021.)

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