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Tharith Soeun
Home country: Cambodia
* Mr. Soeun graduated the LLM in Global Legal Practice and received a Certificate in Business Law in September 2021.

How did you find out about the LLM program, and what attracted you to pursue it?

Keio University is one of the prestigious universities in Japan. I found the LLM program through a web search. After reviewing the LLM program, I applied for admission for three reasons: (1) the curriculum is full of business law classes such as M&A, bankruptcy, finance, security, investment, etc. These classes are organized to provide practical knowledge rather than just purely academic, which I found very useful for my future career path. (2) the courses are taught by professors who are experts in the field. (3) the program can be completed within one year, compared to two years at many other master programs in Japan.


Please tell us about your most memorable class, along with the reason why.

Honestly, I like most of the classes in Keio Law School. If I had to pick one, the class 'Legal Debate and Negotiation' would be it. Professor Litt taught this class to prepare us to join the '19th Intercollegiate Negotiation Competition'. In this class, the students prepared two memoranda, for arbitration and business negotiation. On the competition day, we pleaded our arguments against the team from other universities. More than just the knowledge ranging from drafting the memo to pleading the arguments, this class allows the students to join hands and work together. The class was pretty challenging but very memorable.


What do you enjoy about life at Keio?

Making friends from different parts of the world is what I have enjoyed the most. Coming from a small country like Cambodia, I like talking to other people and learning about their culture and lifestyle. Keio University allows me to emerge in a potential network from various nations with diverse backgrounds. My friends and I usually enjoyed exchanging ideas about our culture and bringing each other to try the local cuisine of each nation. It will be very hard for me to forget such a delightful moment, and I will miss this experience very much.


What are your plans after you finish your studies at Keio? What do you think you will take with you from this experience?

Upon graduation, I would like to spend some years to practice law as a corporate lawyer in either Japan or Cambodia. As a student here in Keio Law School, I think the knowledge in legal practice such as legal research, contract review, legal debate, and mock business negotiation will be an invaluable asset for me to carry down my career path. On top of that, I also wish that my path will cross again with people I have known at Keio University.


Any advice for prospective LLM students? How would you recommend the Keio LLM program to the students?

For prospective students who are considering whether to study at Keio University Law School, I would say "GO FOR IT". This is a place where you can learn the knowledge from both theoretical view and practical experience. The professors are experts in their field and very helpful in discussing student's career paths. The staff are very kind to guide you through most of the challenges you faced in university. The campus is designed to deliver a friendly environment. The last word is "Study hard but don't forget to enjoy Japan as well".


(This interview is from August 2021.)

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