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Rikako WATAI

Professor of Keio University Law School
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Rikako WATAI is a professor of administrative law and has been teaching at Keio University Law School since 2008. Her research focuses on regulatory policy and she has written and spoken extensively on U.S. and Japanese regulation of foreign direct investment from a national security point of view.
Professor Watai is a graduate of Keio University (LL.B. 1989, LL.M. 1991), Harvard Law School (LL.M. 1993) and received her Ph.D. in Law from University of Tsukuba (2008). She is a member of the New York bar and practiced New York law for a year at an international law firm in Tokyo before she began her teaching career.
Prior to joining the Keio University Law School faculty, Professor Watai taught at the National Defense Academy of Japan (1997-2004) and at the Nihon University Law School (2004-2008). She was a 2013 recipient of the Japan Studies Fellowship at the East-West Center in Washington, D.C. and was a visiting scholar at the Columbia Law School (2013) and a visiting fellow at the London School of Economics and Political Science (2014).
She teaches a broad range of courses including administrative law and environmental law.

◆Fields of Expertise  

• Administrative Law
• Foreign Direct Investment Regulation

◆Selected Publications     

Her general areas of interest include foreign investment law and administrative law. In addition, she has written many case reviews on various fields of administrative law.

・With Itsuo Sonobe, Administrative Law in Everyday Life [Shimin Seikatu ni okeru Gyosei to Ho] (in Japanese, Fuma-shobo, 2002)
・With Yoshinobu Kitamura & Masaji Kawasaki, eds., Encyclopedia on Administrative Law [Gyoseiho Jiten] (in Japanese, Hogaku-shoin, 2014)
Book Chapters
・Anti Terrorism Legislation in the United Kingdom [Igirisu ni okeru Terotaisaku Hosei] in Shimin Seikatsu no Jiyu to Anzen [Liberty and security of Civil Life] (Hideyuki Ohsawa ed., in Japanese, 2006)
・Principles of Economic Regulation and Permissible Deregulation [Keizaikisei no Honshitsu to Kiseikanwa no Kyoyosei] in Keio no Horitsugaku Koho II [Law at Keio: Public Law II] 317-342 (Keio University ed., in Japanese, 2008)
Representative Articles
・National Security and Implication of the Exon Florio Amendment [Kokka Anzenhosho to Exon-Florio Joko] vol.27 no.1 Shin Bouei Ronshu [Journal of National Defense] 95-108 (in Japanese, 1999)
・National Security and Regulation of Foreign Investment in the United States [Amerika ni okeru Kokkaanzenhosho to Tainaichokusetutousikisei] 79 Boei Daigakko Kiyo [National Defense Academy Studies in Hummaniteis and Social Sciences] 29-53 (in Japanese, 1999)
・Emergency Legislation and Role of Delegated Legislation in the United Kingdom [Igirisu ni okeru Kinkyujitaihosei to Ininrippo no Yakuwari] 81 Boei Daigakko Kiyo[National Defense Academy Studies in Hummaniteis and Social Sciences] 47-63 (2000)
・Restrictions on Foreign Investment in Telecommunications Firms [Tsushinshuken no Kakuho to Gaishikisei ] vol.76 no.1 Hogaku Kenkyu [Journal of Law, Politics and Sociology] 479-500 (in Japanese, 2003)
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・Regulation of Foreign Banks in the United States: National Treatment and the Principle of Equality [Amerika ni okeru Gaikokuginko Kisei] vol.78 no.5 Hogaku Kenkyu [Journal of Law, Politics and Sociology] 321-339 (in Japanese, 2005)
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・Banking Regulation and Supervision: The Search for Financial Stability [Ginko no Kenzenseikakuho to Kiseikantoku no Shuho] vol.80 no.2 Hogaku Kenkyu [Journal of Law, Politics and Sociology] 97-118 (in Japanese, 2007)
・Foreign Direct Investment in U.S. and the Protection of Critical Infrastructure [Amerika ni okeru Tainaichokusetutoshikisei to Juyosangyokiban no Kakuho] 14 Keio Hogaku [Keio Law Journal] 79-97 (2009)
・Regulation of Foreign Direct Investment under FINSA [Amerika ni okeru Tainaichokusetsutoshikisei no Genjo] 19 Keio Hogaku [Keio Law Journal] 117-137 (in Japanese, 2011)
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・Regulation of Foreign Direct Investment and the CFIUS Review Process : The Ralls Case [Amerika ni okeru Tainaichokusetsutoshikisei to Kokka anzenhosho no shinsa- Ralls jiken wo chuushin ni ] 27 Keio Hogaku [Keio Law Journal] 139-159 (in Japanese, 2012)
・US and Japanese National security Regulation on Foreign Direct Investment, Asia Pacific Bulletin No.219 (in English, 2013)
・Implementation of Foreign Direct Investment Regulation in the United States : The Ralls Case [Amerika ni okeru Tainaichokusetsutoshikisei no unyou] 30 Keio Hogaku [Keio Law Journal] 157-177 (in Japanese, 2013)
・Achieving and Assessing the Benefits of the Citizens' Ombudsman of Kawasaki City [Chiho Koukyoudantai ni okeru Ombudsman seido no Hatten: Kawasaki-shi Shimin Ombudsman seido no Seika to Kadai] 813 Chiho-Jichi [Local Government] 2-16 (2015)
・Recent Development and Current State of Foreign Direct Investment in the United States [Amerika ni okeru Tainaichokusetsutoshikisei no tenkai] 33 Keio Hogaku [Keio Law Journal] 245-264 (in Japanese, 2015)
・Economic Regulation and Regulatory Process [Keizaiteki kisei to Kiseigyosei no shuho] 13 Gyouseihou Kenkyu [Review of Administrative Law] 89-112 (in Japanese, 2016)


・East-West Center in Washington, Asia-Pacific Political Economy Seminar (2013)
Balancing National Security and Free Trade:
Regulation of Foreign Investment in the U.S. and Japan
・Columbia Law School, Visiting Scholar's Forum (2013)
U.S. and Japanese National Security Regulation on Foreign Direct Investment
Extramural Activities
・Member, Central and Local Government Dispute Management Council (2012-)
・Member, Information Disclosure and Personal Information Protection Review Board (2016-)
・Member, Tokyo Municipal Government, Administrative Appeals Review Board (2016-)
Extramural Grants
Inamori Foundation, Regulatory treatment over foreign banks in Japan as compared to U.S.A. (2005)

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