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Message from the Dean

北居先生.jpgのサムネイル画像Isao Kitai

Keio Law School strives to produce the wide range of human resources that the legal profession requires in the 21st century through a curriculum grounded in the principles of internationalism, multidisciplinarism and pioneerism.

The basic legal skills needed to pass the National Bar Examination are no more than a starting point for entry to the legal profession. For instance, a legal practitioner will frequently require knowledge of matters not contained in the statute books, and will encounter problems where he or she will have no established legal theory or judicial precedents to rely on. What is required in such instances is advanced specialist knowledge of that field and the ability to apply one's knowledge and skills so as to arrive at appropriate legal interpretations of uncharted problems.

Keio Law School's curriculum is designed to provide not only basic legal knowledge, but also to develop the ability to apply flexibly this knowledge in new and advanced fields, and to give students the opportunity to develop their own specialist fields for the future. In order to achieve this objective, the curriculum has a strong emphasis on advanced, practical content taught by a combination of legal practitioners on the frontline as well as academic specialists. Our new LL.M. program in Global Legal Practice continues this emphasis.

The Keio tradition means that the Law School is not simply a place where "teachers" teach "students," but is also the setting where students, who will forever be part of the Keio community, first meet and play a part in each other's growth and development. The Keio environment makes it possible for individual students to apply themselves to their own development in accordance with the principle of "independence and self-respect." This process continues after graduation, with past graduates serving as a network of support for their juniors and current students. We look forward to receiving the next intake of ambitious students who will take their place alongside their predecessors in contributing to Japan's future, and the social justice and peace of the world.

The Law School firmly believes that international exchange forms a critical part of the total educational experience. Students spending a semester or a full academic year at the Law School are treated as full members of our community, studying and socializing with our J.D. and LL.M. students.

On behalf of our students and faculty, I am pleased to invite you to consider Keio Law School as an excellent place to study as an international exchange student and to make lasting relationships.

留学生を囲む会のサムネイル画像Welcome Party for Exchange Students and LL.M. Students (2017)

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