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Scholarship Information

(updated on 2016/10/1)

 To support international students studying in Japan, there are some scholarships available that you can apply for prior to admission to our program, such as the "Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship". Also, the Law School plans to provide tuition waivers for several exceptional students (decided through the LL.M. admission process). Furthermore, one LL.M. student from outside of Japan may be eligible to receive Keio University's "Design the Future" Award for International Students. A nominee may be decided through the LL.M. admission process, then must pass screening by the university's Scholarship Committee.

【website】Scholarship Information for the students seeking admission to Keio Univ.

Information on scholarships available after entering the program may be seen at the website below. (Some of the information can be accessed only after enrollment.)

【website】Scholarships Now Available(for current students)

Other than the information above, there are scholarships of private organizations which you may apply for on your own.

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