Professor of Keio University Law School


Since 2013, Koichi KUSANO has been a professor of private law at Keio University Law School where he teaches Quantitative Analysis of Law, Finance Law and Incubation and Law. He has been a visiting professor at Tokyo University Law School (from 2007 to 2010) and at Harvard Law School (2014). He has also been Representative Partner of Nishimura & Asahi, the largest law firm in Japan. He graduated in Law from Tokyo University (1978) and from Harvard Law School(LL.M)(1986).

◆Fields of Expertise  

• Law and Economics
• Corporate Law
• Tax Law


His main publications are as follows (all written in Japanese):
・ Negotiation as Game (Maruzen Library 1994)
・ Art of Negotiation (Nikkei BP Library 2003)
・ Law and Finance of Corporate Taxation, 2nd Edition (Shoujihoumu 2010)
・ Justice of Corporate Law (Shoujihoumu 2011)
・ Introduction to Quantitative Analysis of Law (Yuhikaku, 2016(expected))

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