Professor of Keio University Law School


Since April 2004, Akira ROKUSHA has been a professor of Environmental Law at Keio University. He teaches Environmental Law, and since January 2014 has been registered as a lawyer with the Kyobashi Law Office.
He graduated Keio University Law Faculty (1975) and was appointed as a judge (1978).
He has a great diversity of practical legal experience, as a judge, public prosecutor, ADR officer and civil lawyer.
While in the Japanese judiciary he served as a judge of the Tokyo District Court, Takamatsu Family Court, Sendai District Court, and the Tokyo High Court. He was also seconded to the Ministry of Justice as public prosecutor and served as an assistant commissioner of the Environmental Dispute Coordination Commission.

◆Fields of Expertise   

• Environmental Law
• Environmental Disaster Law
• Environmental Dispute Law
• Environmental Economics
• Market Failure
• Sustainable development


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